01 Jan 2007 Monday – New Year’s Day

After three days in Amarillo, TX we were ready to go mad. We finally got out Monday morning and those hundred-thousand friends of ours were all there too. Traffic was horrible. Super Angry  It took us all day to make it from Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM, about a four hour drive. We got off in one place to get gas and there was only one route in plowed thru the snow. Once we got in line for gas, we could not get out. We were there about an hour in line with big-rigs and RV’s filling their hundred-gallon tanks. If the station had run out of gas, it could have incited a riot. The weather was cold, but tempers were running hot.

We found a hotel in Las Vegas, MN just north of Albuquerque. They had been packed too, for the last few days with travelers stranded. It was a much quieter place now and we finally got some sleep.  Sleep

Simon is quite confused. We keep telling him we are going home, but we take him to places that don’t smell anything like the home he expects.  Dog

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