What am I doing celebrating New Years in Amarillo, Texas?

What am I doing celebrating New Years in Amarillo, Texas?  The answer is here.  Oh well.  We were lucky enough to find a hotel in Amarillo I suppose.  So much for getting to Colorado before New Years. Today we drove out about an hour to Vega, TX only to be turned around by the Texas state patrol because the roads in New Mexico were closed. I wonder if it’s a conspiracy to keep business in Amarillo? Actually, I suppose we’d be in a world of hurt if we had continued. There’s really not much between Amarillo and Albuquerque. Anyhow, it is hard to express in words how we felt heading back to Amarillo… More money to spend on hotels and restaurants; more time in this godforsaken windswept town on the plains of Texas; a cloud of gloom descends upon us. We are not happy travelers right now. At least U-HAUL tells us they won’t be charging us for weather delays.

On the bright side of things, we do have our dog with us. He apparently has a pretty amazing memory. When we arrived at Dianne’s (Teresa’s sister) house in Florida, Simon was barking his head off. Teresa called out “Simon!”… dead silence. We got to the door, we could see through the glass… our Simon with that goofy grin all over his face. He’s very happy to see us and be with us, but quite confused about the current state of affairs. I suppose that makes for three confused beings. Oh well… as they say, “the best laid plans of mice and men”…

I hope your New Years is better than ours! Here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and safe new year!

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