02 Jan 2007 Tuesday

So, our two and a half day trip took us nearly a week.  We finally got home to Colorado and our trailer this afternoon.

Simon loved running around in the snow and he seems to approve of the smell of the trailer. Dog  Simon jumped out of the truck and into the trailer, sniffed around a bit and plopped down on the sofa. It apparently had enough of our smells (stink?) in it that he knew we were staying for a while. He loves to play in the snow. He hops thru it like a deer. At our trailer the snow is about 18-24 inches high. The owners of the RV park were nice enough to have a our parking spot and front door cleared of snow. We are far enough off the road that we can let Simon out off leash and let him run a little when we take him outside to pee. We got a fence to put up for him, but we haven’t had time to put it together yet.

We got home with enough daylight to set things up: the sewer, water, electric and gas. It was cold enough that some bottles of window cleaner and such were frozen, but I had left them in the bathtub, so it wasn’t a mess when one froze, expanded and overflowed.  We got things hooked up and somewhat unpacked. We had to get all the liquids out of the back of the truck before we could relax our first night. Bottles of wine and sauces we brought back from Atlanta would freeze and break if it got too cold overnight. I think it was only about 11 degrees that first night.  We called the RV park to let them know we were coming in and Edie said it was -2 degrees this morning about 8am. Brrr….. Right now, about 9pm, it’s only about 17 degrees outside, much warmer.

I know it’s just a tin can on wheels, but it’s home.

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