13 Nov 2006 Monday

We left Tulsa and headed east.  We made it to Memphis, TN arounddinnertime.  I called my friend Anita in Birmingham and asked about anygood barbeque in Memphis.  "Corky’s" she said, " Best ribsin Memphis".  It seems a relative lived there and did theresearch.  And so we checked it out in our mapping software and took aninterstate exit that put us into an area of town with Bail Bondsmen andconvenience stores with bars on the windows.  I didn’t like the feel ofthis and we didn’t see Corky’s.  We called the number that was listed andthey gave us a new address over the phone.  We found Corky’s in aneighborhood with Country Clubs just a few miles up the road.  The placewas packed but they still had a few tables opened.  We were seated rightaway.  Without doing the research of trying ALL the BBQ in Memphis, we’dhave to agree that this was some of the best ribs in Memphis.  Man, thisstuff was GOOD!!  

We drove down CorridorX, US 78, the future route of I-22, from Memphis to Birmingham, AL.  Wemade it to Phil and Anita’s around 10:30 Central time.  Time travel is sotough.  

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