12 Nov 2006 Sunday

We awoke this morning to 6 to 8 inches of fresh snow.  There was no snowlast night at all when we came arrived.  We finished our packing and waitedfor the snow plows to clear the roads.  We wanted to get an earlier startthan this, but we aren’t sure if we want to drive down the steep mountain roadswith this much snow.  We took a chance and started out, only to pass thesnow plow on his way in.  the steepest road we had to travel was alreadyplowed.  

We drove over Vail Pass and Loveland Pass in the snow, but the roads wereclear.  The worst part was the salt and chemicals being kicked up onto ourwindshield.   By the time we reached Denver, the snow hadstopped.  Later on, we ran into a misty rain and drove thru grey skies allday.  As we crossed Kansas we had a strong wind from the north that hadtumbleweeds dancing across the road and thru the endless flat fields.  Theweather cleared up as we headed south into Tulsa, OK.  We stopped at ahotel in Sand Springs, just west of Tulsa.  The Budget Inn used to be aDays Inn and was still listed as such in our GPS mapping program.  The roomwas cheap and was quite large with a microwave, fridge and, believe it or not, awhirlpool tub!  We didn’t get a chance ot enjoy the jet tub, but we foundout they accept pets.  We may stop back by here on our return trip toColorado.  I wonder what Simon would think of a jet tub?

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