28 May 2006 Sunday

Well, we decided to hike this morning.  The hike we did with Jack and Ellen earlier, Stag Gulch, but we’re going to the top of the mountain.  We tried to hike to the summit in the winter , but I guess the altitude was getting to me then.  We were going to try it again, to summit Bellyache Mountain.  It’s about a 2 1/2 mile hike with a 1,500 ft elevation gain.  The trail went straight up!  The first alpine meadow we came to is full of flowers ready to bloom in another day or so.  Big, bright yellow daisies.  We’ll have to bring Gautam and Donna up here when they come in next week.  The trail continues up and up and up, thru the aspens and firs.  We came upon another opening in the trees at a switchback where the yellow daisies were already blooming.  The whole hillside was covered.  In the distance we can see the Holy Cross Wilderness area.  We continued on the trail going up, came to a few more alpine meadows and then to a large bald at the summit, where we could see the snow capped Gore Mountain Range.  the day has been gray all day and the wind started blowing while we were at the summit.  We were sure the rain was not far behind.  We ran down the mountain in a fraction of the time it took us to ascend.  We got back to the house before it really started raining.  

We worked on the computers a bit more.  While I was updating my Daily Diary, we noticed something odd.   The censored word filter of our blog site censored out the name of someone we met in Capitol Reef, Dick.  Apparently, the computer didn’t like him and it never even met the guy! Andrew was able to adjust it.

Got in the hot tub again tonight to soothe our tired legs. 

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