27 May 2006 Saturday

We took the bikes out again today, but made a few stops before we started riding.  The liquor store in Edwards was having a huge “Locals Appreciation” sale, everything 20% off or more.  We knew we were having company soon, so we went in to stock up.  

Our next stop was lunch.  Beaver Creek, just up the road, was having a Brews, Blues and BBQ festival.  The microbrew sampling cost too much for us to check out ($35.00 each), but we did sample several of the BBQ places.  We found one with “Bama-Style BBQ”, named Moe’s.  Since I lived in Birmingham for 10 years, I had to check this out.  It seems one guy is from Huntsville and the other is from Tuscaloosa, but they live in Vail and have 2 stores here.  They just opened one in Alabama, Orange Beach near Gulf Shores.  I wondered how they got away with the name “Moe’s”, since there’s that Tex-Mex place out there using the same name.  We’ll have to look them up next time we’re in Vail.

We finally got to our bike ride.  the first few minutes in the saddle were painful.  We rode from Minturn to Vail.  We got about 5 miles in, all up canyon, up hill, when we came to a “Trail Closed” sign and gate.  The trip back down canyon was much faster.  

Now, to check on the hot tub again… ahhh, just right.

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