29 May 2006 Monday – Memorial Day

We got a update from my sister Dianne in Florida the other day on Simon, our dog. Simon is staying with her and her Goldens while we are traveling. We call her or she calls us very few weeks with an update on how he’s doing and getting along with the other dogs. Well, it seems he’s picked up some bad habits. Dianne takes no responsibility, swears SHE didn’t teach him these things! SHE doesn’t drink from the toilet and SHE doesn’t chew up toilet paper and drag it all over the house. She doesn’t know where he picked up these habits. (wink)

One of the first things we did when we got to Colorado was we had to send off our GPS and camera for service or warranty. I miss our little camera. We haven’t been able to take pictures for the last several days. We have another digital camera, but it’s big and harder to handle, so it’s tough to take it hiking with us.  

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