18 Jan 2006 Wednesday

We hiked the remaining 4 miles to Stafford Beach Campground, the one closest to the ferry dock to leave the island.  We hiked through beautiful live oaks forest.  We stopped at one really majestic tree, maybe 30 feet around.  Both Colbert and Andrew climbed up and stood in the crotch of this tree.  Andrew said he could feel an energy from it.  Our last campsite, Stafford Beach, now has a bathroom with hot showers.  This is unheard of in backcountry camping!  I didn’t take a shower because I’d have to come outside in the cold with wet hair, but I enjoyed having my private porcelain throne thoroughly!   I heard one of the feral horses running down the trail in the dark, his eyes glowing red in my flashlight.  Kind of eerie!  The weather seemed much colder than we expected.  Colbert made a leaf bed and said he stayed quite warm.   

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