17 Jan 2006 Tuesday

A beautiful morning on Half Moon Bluff.  We attempted to cook cornbread on the camp stove without any oil… the results were not good.  However, clam shells worked well to scrub the burnt bottom of the pot.  Before leaving, we left a note on Carol’s gate, since she was already out on her four wheeler on beach patrol.  We decided to hike south, seeing all we could along the way.  We stopped at the old First African Baptist Church, the one John Kennedy Jr got married in, stopped at Terrapin Point, Burbank Point and wandered through High Point Cemetery, an old slave cemetery at the north end of the island.  We hiked down to Brickhill Bluff Campground and stopped for a while, but the bugs (no-see-ums) were terrible.  We decided to continue on to Yankee Paradise Campground. 

When we got to Yankee Paradise, we found one other camp set up, it was the other couple we met on the ferry on Monday.  It seems we are the only campers in the backcountry this week, since the ferry didn’t run on Tuesday or Wednesday.  We attempted baking another cornbread, this time using a double boiler method.  This worked out much better.  Our camp neighbors came over and chatted for a while and we found out we have quite a bit in common.  Bill and Pat are from North Carolina and have a friend who built his own house from found materials (much like Colbert), has developed a solar portable power supply and a type of micro-hydro system that requires less flow than typically necessary.  (They gave me a website, but the address isn’t valid)  It seems they also know Doug Elliot, someone we know from Rivercane Rendezvous and other primitive skills gatherings.

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