19 Jan 2006 Thursday

We got an early start to catch the morning ferry off the island.  The beach access to Stafford Campground was flooded and impassible, so we took the Parellel Trail, an inland trail, south to another access road and hiked out to the beach.  While hiking down the beach to Seacamp to catch the ferry, Carol caught up with us while doing her beach patrol.  We were happy to see her again and thank her for letting us stay on Half Moon Bluff.  The ferry got us back to the mainland in time for a lunch feast at St Mary’s Seafood

We stopped in Brunswick, GA at the Hostel in the Forest.  Andrew and I have been there on a few occasions and others have told Colbert about it.  Colbert had talked about making his “Fish Camp” into a type of hostel, so he was looking for ideas.  Mark and Mikey showed us around and Andrew and I were surprised to see some major improvements in their facilities.  It seems they had a problem with the local college using the Forest hostel as a cheap party place and as many as a hundred students trashed it every weekend.  So they redefined themselves as a “Spiritual Retreat” and restricted the number of guests (and their intent).  It’s a very fun place and I recommend it if you are in the area and feel the need to retreat spiritually. 

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