10 Nov 2006 Friday

Chris, Cherie, Andrew and I went into Salida for dinner and some livemusic.  We went to the top of "S" mountain.  They have athing out west where they put the initial of the town or the logo of the localschool in the side of a nearby mountain.  "S" mountain (probablynot it’s real name) is accessed by Spiral Drive, a road that, you guessed it,spirals to the top of the mountain.  They had "ChristmasMountain" strung with lights.  We’ve heard that they turn the wholemountain into a giant Christmas tree with ornaments in lights and a star ontop.  We wandered around town and Chris loved the BungledJungle shop, but it was closed when we got there.  After dinner at Amica’sPizza we went over to Bongo Billy’sto catch some music by Jill Cohn. It was 16 degrees when we got back to our trailer at Big Horn Park and evencolder up at Chris’ trailer on our property.  Brrr….

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