08 Sept 2006 Friday

Epilog: After all the traveling we’ve done, I’ve made a few observations.

  • National Parks are a wonderful invention to preserve landscapes too difficult or costly to develop into suburbia.  And we are a richer country because of them.
  • 90% of the tourists that travel to most National Parks see less than 10% of the park.  If you hike one or two miles off any trail you will soon loose the crowds and be able to see what you really came out to see.
  • Rednecks are everywhere, not just in the south.
  • The desert can do strange things to people who live there.  And it’s easy ot fall in love with the desert after you spend some time there.  We both love the desert, we just don’t want to live there.  We like trees.
  • Canada is far more European than American.  So are their visitors.
  • Traveling with your best friend can be great, even if you don’t agree on everything.
  • Steinbeck said, in “Travels with Charlie” written in the 1950’s, with the development of the Interstate System it will soon be possible to travel from one coast of the nation to the other with out seeing a thing.  Sadly, many people do just that.  But Steinbeck would be pleased to know that there are still plenty of places in this country that require you to stray from the Interstate and see the real America.  Sometimes, it’s better to take the slow road.  Yes, the road less traveled.
  • And it’s nice to have family and friends to share adventures with you.  Smile

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