11 Sept 2006 Monday

It’s been a while since I’ve written, here’s what’s up.

We hope to have a driveway on our property by the end of the month. We finally got a street address, after having an application reviewed. However, there’s no mail delivery service there, so we have to get a post office box. But, we can’t even get THAT without a physical street address. Gotta love politics. We’ll send out the address as soon as we get a post office box number. 

We found a travel trailer in Denver that we plan to live in on our land while building our house, probably beginning in the spring.  It’s a 26 ft, 1972 Holiday Rambler, 4 season (extra insulation) and the interior is in really good condition. (We saw some newer trailers that were in pretty bad shape) Monday (Sept 18th) we went into in Denver to check out the trailer and found a couple of problems. Andrew lost an eyebrow and part of his mustache lighting the propane water heater (he’s ok, but his ego was severely damaged). And the trailer has a few water issues. We were assured it was winterized and everything was working. Winterization involves putting special RV antifreeze thru the water lines to prevent freezing. Not hard, but it needs to be done properly. It seems it was not done properly on this trailer and when we put water in and pressurized it, we had a small fountain erupting under the bathroom sink. The seller sent us to her RV service tech, the guy who winterized it for her uncle a few month earlier. He said he’d take care of it, no charge. We took it to a nearby campground overnight and just didn’t use any water. 

We took it to her service guy the next morning. He fixed the bathroom leak and a few other small electrical issues. We had it hooked up to the truck and Andrew wanted to fill up the water tanks and check it out before we took it. Good thing he did! We found more leaks, in different areas. When Andrew tried to turn on the shower faucet, the whole thing came off in his hands and sprayed rusty water all over him. It was after five, we were all tired and we still didn’t have our new home ready to take with us. The seller said she’d pay for any repairs on the trailer that needed to be done. (I think she will be charging it back to her uncle who assured her that everything was working!) He’s replacing the shower and bath fixtures as well as fixing the other pipes that were leaking. He said he’d have it ready Wed, but we didn’t want to rush him. Take your time, check everything. And besides, we had to be back in Edwards to meet Andrew’s parents who are coming in tonight (Wed, Sept 20th), so we left the trailer with Ken on Tuesday, drove from Denver back to Edwards again, about a two and a half hour drive. 

We will be spending a few days with Jack and Ellen in Edwards celebrating both Jack and Ellen’s birthdays (Ellen’s was a few days ago, Jack’s is on Thurs) and Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. We plan on going back to Denver Monday (Sept 25th) to thoroughly check out everything on the trailer and pull it out to Cotopaxi Monday night. We don’t have a driveway yet, but our excavator owns property across the street from ours and he will let us park it there for free until he gets our driveway in. 

The Adventure never ends….

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