03 Aug 2006 Thursday

We got out early this morning to start our errands.  Big Red needs his 90,000 mile service and we have a 9am appointment with a Toyota dealer in Everett, outside of Seattle.  We dropped off our truck and picked up a rental car for the day. We got a 2007 Toyota Yaris, a 4 cylinder roller skate of a car that we really appreciated while driving thru the crowded streets of downtown Seattle. 

We drove down to the famous Pike Place Market, a fish and farmers market.  Traffic was horrendous, but we were able to park the Yaris roller skate easily enough.  We walked around a bit, but Andrew was not enjoying the crowds at all!!  We found a Vietnamese restaurant and got some Pho (a Vietnamese soup that we haven’t had since we left Atlanta).  We wandered around for a few more minutes and we headed for the Space Needle.  

We got to the Space Needle and allowed a valet to park us for $11.00 and then got in line for tickets to go up to the Observation level.  Once we got tickets, we went upstairs and waited in another line for the elevators.  We went up and saw the whole of Seattle.  We hung around and learned a little of the history of the area.  Andrew had to call his mom from the top of the Space Needle.  

We headed next to Trader Joe’s!  We were only picking up a few things, along with more chap wine, but since Steve is preparing for his sailing adventure, Jeannie asked us to pick up some snacks for him to take with him.  

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