02 Aug 2006 Wednesday

We slept in and chatted with Jeannie for much of the morning. We showered,got some laundry done and pretty much just killed most of the day.  Wellafter noon, Andrew and I went into the town of Camano Island and did a littlegrocery shopping.  We ate lunch at a little Greek restaurant calledSuzie’s.  The food was pretty good.  

When we got back, Andrew and I made dinner for Steve, Jeannie and Ned; a bigdish of baked ziti and salad.  We pulled out some beer and a bottle of TwoBuck Chuck and talked all evening.  Steve was sleeping tonight on his boatas a test night for his trip. He’s getting ready for a three week journey on hislatest adventure, a solo trip on his geeked out boat Nomadness. He’s a little frazzled with all that’s left to be done before sailing off. We can relate: it wasn’t that long ago that we had a similar frazzled time withendless "To-Do" lists when we began this journey.

After dinner, Ned took us out to see his motor home that he has tricked outwith solar panels, computer work station, microscope and all kinds of stuff.

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