14 July 2006 Friday

This hotel has an outdoor kitchen/common area.  An outdoor kitchen is pretty cool and we may have to have one at our place.  At least, an outdoor bar!  We’re expecting papers to be delivered on our property, but they won’t be here until later, so we’ll enjoy the day.  

After breakfast, we headed into King’s Canyon National Park.  We did a short hike, 3 miles, from Zumwalt Meadows to Roaring Falls.  The falls can be accessed by a shorter trail near a parking lot and when we met up with this other trail, we found the crowds.  We took a few pictures and hiked back.  We then hiked around Zumwalt Meadows for another mile or so.  The meadows were beautiful, surrounded by these huge granite cliffs.  We wanted to be back in time for a little computer work tonight.  We had a tailgate dinner again outside our hotel room.  

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