13 July 2006 Thursday

We got out of our hotel early and headed back into Fresno, CA for a trip to our favorite store, Trader Joe’s!  We loaded up on a case of Charles Shaw wine selling for $1.99 per bottle, fondly known as Two-Buck Chuck.  It’s not bad and it really fits our budget.  We also picked up a few other things and went to Circuit City to check out a new camera.  After comparing prices and features for a couple of hours, we chose an Olympus SP-320, 7 mega pixel for $199.00.  We’ll see how it works in King’s Canyon.  

We found our hotel, the Squaw Valley Motel, just outside King’s Canyon/Sequoia National Parks.  It’s sooo much better than the place in Sanger.  It’s an older place, put in much better shape.  It had a swimming pool, air conditioning that works, and continental breakfast is included.  It’s more like a  Bed and Breakfast.  The lady we met is taking care of the place for her parents while her father is recovering from surgery. We’re still on a budget, so we cook dinner on our tailgate, outside the room (getting a few strange looks).  We talked with a couple next door who had an adorable 18 month old little girl.  They are from Paris, France and had exchanged houses with someone in LA.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

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