12 July 2006 Wednesday

We left our campsite and headed to the south end of Yosemite to the Mariposa Grove of Giant Trees.  We got there with a few hundred others and took a short walk thru the big trees.  There are crowds on all of the major areas of the park, but when we took a different trail back, we were practically alone.  Weird.  On the way out of the park, we realized we were lucky to get a parking spot at all.  they had closed the road and others had to park in a remote lot and take a mandatory shuttle.  We left Yosemite with all of it’s crazy crowds!

Our next stop is King’s Canyon, but first, we need to deal with pertaining to our land in Colorado.  We tried to find a cheap motel to stop for a couple of days to have some papers sent.  The first town south of the park is Oakhurst and the prices were more than what we liked.  

We called several places between here and King’s Canyon and found a couple of cheap places.  When we drove into one small town to check out the hotel, there were bars on all the windows and a liquor store across the street that also had bars on the windows.  

We left there and looked into two other places in a town called Sanger, CA.  This seems to be a blue collar/migrant town.  We went to look at our two choices and we chose the one that looked a little better kept.  When we got into the room, we found the smoke alarm was disabled and three bullet holes were in the bathroom window.  One of the two windows in the front did not lock.  We discussed these facts and (while cussing our cheapness) made a reservation for tomorrow night at Squaw Valley Hotel, a much nicer place (we hope!) nearer to King’s Canyon Park.

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