25 April 2006 Tuesday

Burning the candle at both ends is catching up with us.  While camping, we go to bed shortly after dark, maybe 8 or 9.  For the last several days, we haven’t been to bed before midnight and we’re still getting up at dawn!  We’re exhausted!!  We got our things together and bid George and Joyce goodbye.  After a trip to the grocery to load up, we head out.  

We stopped by Hoover Dam , one of the engineering feats of it’s time.  Between vehicle checks by Homeland Security and road construction, traffic was reduced to one lane.  There was a line of 50 cars or more.  They would pick out campers and trucks requiring searches (yes, we were searched too).  For the number of cars, they were really moving things quite well.  We parked, took some photos and got back into traffic heading the other way.  We’re heading into Lake Mead Rec. Area for camping for the night.  We found a nice spot off a dirt road.  

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