24 April 2006 Monday

We went out to Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area.  We hiked a trail out to a seasonal lake (a tinaja) and a little further to a cliff that overlooks the valley and the city of Las Vegas.  We had to hurry back and shower because we had tickets to an award winning show “Avenue Q“.  This is kind of a R-rated Muppet Show, live, funny as ever!!  It’s about life, love and laughter, in a furry kind of way.  

Before the show, we had dinner at Main Street Station Restaurant and Brewery in downtown Vegas near Fremont Street.  The beer at Main Street was really good!  The IPA had a lot of rye, similar to our Georgia favorite, Terrapin Rye Pale Ale. 

We had to catch a cab to take us to the Wynn casino on the strip in time for Avenue Q.  The show was a scream!  We’ve never laughed so hard!  After the show we walked around the strip and caught “The Deuce”, a double-decker bus for $2.00 back up to Fremont Street.  Fremont Street is several blocks of casinos and restaurants turned into a pedestrian mall with a huge arched covered street.   At night, the vaulted roof becomes an LED light show!  This could be the biggest Jumbo-tron ever, several blocks long.  The Deuce let us off just in time for the midnight show.  Pretty cool, but lots of scantily clad women dancing.  There’s so much skin being shown in this city, it gets boring after a while. 

We got in about 1am.

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