21 April 2006 Friday

We left our remote BLM site and headed toward Las Vegas.  We stopped in Pahrump, NV to check email for a minute and on our way out… it happened again!  We were driving along, minding our own business, and a sign jumps up in front of us and says: “Winery, Free Tasting!”, and before we knew what was happening, our truck was heading down a road toward a winery!  Pahrump Valley Winery has some pretty decent wines.  We talked with some folks there who had their own RV touring company.  In some places, you would caravan with other RVer’s, in other places like Mexico, your RV would be chained to a flat bed train car and you’d sleep there on the rail car.  They had tours all over the US, Mexico, Africa and Europe.

Andrew tried to get us a room on the Vegas Strip thru “Priceline” for $30.00… and it came back with “no accommodations found in that range”.  You could almost hear the computer laughing at us!  He also called a relative in the area, Joyce and George Contarsy and, even though it was short notice, they insisted we stay with them.  We were at Red Rocks Canyon when we got a call from them, so we left without seeing Red Rocks.  We’ll be back.  

We got to Joyce and George’s place just as they were going out to a show.  Andrew and I talked about going out, but instead we got caught up on our computer stuff.  We’ll do the Vegas Strip tomorrow.

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