06 April 2006 Thursday

The wind died down by morning, making breakfast easier.  We’ve got a schedule today: we have a dental appointment in Los Angeles at 2:15.  We’re visiting with Rachel and Ricardo Montecino in Long Beach and Ricardo suggested his dentist Dr Stelmach in LA when Andrew mentioned we were due for a cleaning.   The staff is really nice and Michelle, the hygienist, can talk your ear off! (In a very sweet, professional way, of course!)   LA is really particular about parking and there were issues about us parking on the street after 4pm.  With the bikes on top, we couldn’t fit in their parking deck.  So I went first and when finished, moved the truck to another lot and waited for Andrew. 

We’ve been making a list for stuff we need from REI (outdoor gear store) for weeks and we finally got to pick up a few things.  We also got a few errands taken care of before meeting Rachel and Ricardo at their house in Long Beach, outskirts of LA.  We stayed up way too late visiting and talking.

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