07 April 2006 Friday

Rachel and Ricardo went to work and Andrew and I had errands to run.  We finally got a haircut at a place Ricardo suggested.  We also got our new propane tank filled.  We’ve been using the 1 pound propane canisters, but they are non-refillable, not easily recyclable and becoming expensive.  So during our trip to REI, we purchased a 5 pound refillable tank and the hose required to fit our stove.  When Rachel and Ricardo got home from work we all went out to the Getty Museum and heard a great band called Bad Haggis, an Irish-Scottish-Fusion-Rock type of band that has played on many major movie soundtracks.  We walked around the Getty Museum a little and went out to dinner at a great Mexican Restaurant, Guelaguetza.  Ricardo told us this place is Oaxacan, which is an area known for their mole (mo-lay) sauce.  A mole sauce is a unique mixture of chili and chocolate and apparently requires a fine balancing of ingredients.  I’ve had mole before and have not been real fond of it.  Tonight we had several different mole sauces and they were all great!

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