10 March 2006 Friday

We had to go through Border Patrol again to get from our camp into Alpine.  This guy really looked into the back of the truck, others just asked us if we were US citizens and waved us on.  Andrew gets nervous going through Border Patrol, but I figure, what are they going to do… deport us back to Atlanta?

In Alpine, we worked some at the library and then pulled the truck in back of La Trattoria and used the Wi-Fi access to upload photos.  I guess this is what we’ll be doing on our “down days” from hiking.  

We drove out to Ft Davis/ Davis Mountain SP to check out cost and camping availability.  Much of their campground is full, but there’s free camping right outside the park, so that’s what we took.  We’ll go into the park tomorrow for day use and grab a shower.  

After our dinner at the picnic area, we get into bed.  Just as we were falling asleep, a van pulled in behind us.  We watched as he jumped into the back to sleep.  No problem, we’ll share our spot for the night.  Maybe 15 minutes later, 3 trucks pulled up next to us.   We had apparently taken the local boys’ party place.  They drove off and honked the horn just in case we were sleeping.  We were kind of glad to have our quiet neighbor with us.  

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