11 March 2006 Saturday

This morning, as we were making breakfast, the van that stayed with us pulled back in.  He left about 4 am.  He ‘s a volunteer with McDonald Observatory and was helping out with there special programs during Spring Break.  They have a “Star Party” Star [*] where you can look through different telescopes of different sizes.  We thought it would be cool to do, but at $15.00 per person, we decided to spend our money elsewhere.  He did show us an unusual rock formation he photographed in Big Bend on The Lost Mine trail.  It looks like a face and head, from the shoulders up.  We’ll have to look for it next time we’re in Big Bend.  He joked about sending it to The Star or National Enquirer.  

We went into Davis Mountain SP and did a 5 mile hike in strong winds.  We then took a nice, ling, hot shower.  Ahhh…..  We moved on to Ft Davis National Monument, an old frontier fort from 1880’s that housed the “Buffalo Soldiers”, black troops that the Native Americans named because of the wiry hair like a buffalo. They are restoring some of the adobe and stone buildings and refurbishing them with period furniture and reproductions of period military equipment.  We saw the enlisted men’s barrack’s and the hospital.  It’s amazing anyone survived the hospital!   

We headed north to Guadalupe Mtn SP and the Texas/ New Mexico border.  In New Mexico, we found some BLM land to stop for the night.  We were both pretty tired.

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