27 Feb 2006 Monday

Well, it’s laundry day.  We just bought some Coleman fleece bag liners and need to wash them to de-fuzz them.  We’ve been using our 0 degree rated down sleeping bags that have been keeping us warm enough, but since we’ve only been able to shower about every 4 or 5 days, we thought they might need a wash.  We got these bag liners because they would be easier to wash on the road and would help keep our down bags cleaner.  Down is very touchy about how you wash and dry it, and it takes a long time (it took us over three hours to dry our down bags this time).  While in Las Cruces, we also took the Tundra in for its’ 75,000 mile check up.  I felt better about having the truck checked out before heading into the desert for a week.   

When we finally finished with the truck, we headed for Aguirre (a-gar-ee) Springs, BLM land at the edge of Las Cruces.  We found a nice campsite at the foot of the Organ Mountains with an incredible view.  It’s a campground, but they only charged $3. per night. 

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