28 Feb 2006 Tuesday

Aguirre Springs, Organ Mountains, outside Las Cruces, New Mexico.  The wind last night was incredible!!!  When night fell, the wind picked up, but it wasn’t consistent.  it would be a gentle breeze for a while and then a 35 mph gust.  This went on much of the evening.  We heard the wind moving our small plastic ladder and this morning it was 5 feet from the truck.  The wind rocked the truck much of the night but finally quieted down after 1 am.  This morning we went to the other side of the Organ Mountains to find a park called “Dripping Springs“.  This used to be a resort for the Las cruces community in the late 1800’s and several old wooden buildings still exist.  The springs were captured at that time to supply water to the resort hotel and a tuberculosis sanitarium.  The old catchment wall is still there.  We took a short hike, maybe three miles.  It was finally warm enough for us to hike in a t-shirt.

Our last stop before entering Big Bend National Park is Alpine, TX.  We stopped to get a couple of last minute things at the grocery store.  We weren’t going to make it to Big Bend tonight before they lock the gates, so we found a “picnic area” (with no facilities) along the road to camp for the night.

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