13 Jan 2006 Friday

The camp woke with Don clucking like a chicken.  The morning revealed that another animal, either a raccoon or owl, had eaten the best parts of the chicken.  Colbert joked that he should have set a trap at the bottom of the tree to catch another critter.  We check with the camp groundskeeper about the weather.  He confirmed what we had hard earlier, that rain and thunderstorms were expected later that day.  We broke camp and headed back to the park with the swimming hole at the springhead.  By the time we got there, the weather started looking bad.  We decided not to canoe after all and headed back to Colbert’s place.  We stopped along the way at Miccasukee Lake for a minute to look around.  When we got back to Colbert’s camp, the weather started catching up with us.  Although the sky turned dark and wind was blowing, the storm skirted the edge of where we were.  Colbert had run into town for something and said it was raining hard there, but since it didn’t rain here, we started a fire.  Colbert brought out beer. Beer [B]

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