12 Jan 2006 Thursday

The camp packed up for canoe trip, Sturgeon’s Fish Camp style.  All 8 of us loaded up Colbert’s big truck, an antique International army truck with a camper on back.  This truck is so big, four of us sat in the front bench seat!  The truck also has a steel rack mounted on the front where all of our gear was tied on.  The other four sat in the camper on the back.  Don’t forget the canoes!  Colbert’s motor boat was on a boat trailer, filled with cast iron pots of food for dinner and other gear.  Two canoes were then strapped on top of the motor boat!  We were definitely looking like hillbillies for this trip! We head down to a springhead in north Florida. The spring has a park with swimming and boating, but we head off to a place for free camping.  For the next hour and a half, we were on some of the bumpiest roads.  Goose Pasture is beautiful campground at the end of the ugliest road.  We set up our tents and start a fire.  The night’s entertainment is a chicken hanging around the campground.  Two of the guys tried to catch it, but it flew into a tree.  They did their best to catch it, throwing rocks and even bringing out a bow and arrow.  They chased it and finally caught it.  The next discussion is what to do with it.  We had a fresh raccoon that was trapped and skinned and in the cookpot, so we didn’t need the meat.  But the guy that caught it felt differently, so they cleaned it and hung it in a tree for the evening. 

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