10 Jan 2006 Tuesday

We had a pretty lazy first day at Colbert’s place.  Everyone had their own projects they were working on.  Colbert took me and Andrew up the river to his other cabin he’s been working on for years only accessible by boat.  It’s up on stilts about 5 feet off the ground (because of the flooding) and Colbert has insisted on doing all the work himself.  It has a huge porch around two sides of the cabin.  The cabin is functional and looks a lot like the first cabin on the inside, but the porch is still under construction.  Colbert has fashioned two “suspension bridges” out of found materials.  Andrew and I both walked out across them, but it was pretty scary.  The river is deep and fast at that point!  We had a wild game dinner of leftover otter chili, green beans with bear meat and an apple cobbler cooked in a cast iron Dutch oven for dessert.  

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