11 Jan 2006 Wednesday

Andrew and I started our morning with a canoe trip up the flooded road out to where the river was running to wash up in the cold water.  Colbert, Don, Andrew and I went into town to do some “Urban Foraging”, a.k.a. dumpster diving.  On the way into town, we saw a bag of clothes that someone had lost on the side of the road.  Colbert stopped and picked it up for cleaning rags (cleaning up the environment).  We stopped behind a local grocery store to see what was there.  We were shocked to see lots of food that was still edible.  Bags of salad greens, a broken ten pound bag of potatoes, turnips with greens, collard greens, tomatoes, eggplants, about 10 dozen eggs with a few broken in each container, lots of stuff.  We took a couple of boxes into the truck.  It’s hard to believe that people are going hungery in this country when so much food is wasted!  Colbert tossed the clothing he had found that would not make good cleaning rags into the dumpster (properly disposing of unwanted materials).  But we weren’t done yet.  Our next stop it to collect some lumber from packing crates.  The owner was glad to see Colbert, this saved him from paying his guys to break down the crates and dispose of the wood.  Colbert collects this wood and other found materials for his different building projects (recycling).  Well, the truck was full, so we headed back to camp.  We had enough good food to make a huge salad and a big pot of vegetable soup for dinner.  Another night of discussing politics, religions and solving all the problems of the world… over a beer.

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