04 Jan 2006 Wednesday

A beautiful foggy morning on the river.  As we’re relaxing over breakfast, we notice helicopters flying in circles overhead.  As we left, we stopped at the Blackwater River State Park to dump the trash we collected and talk to the ranger for a minute.  He seemed to think that the river had not crested yet, it may be up for several more days and some of the roads may have had structural damage.  We took another way out of the area, changing course several times because of more flooding.  We also ran into an area they were doing a controled burn in the forest.  We finally found our way to the interstate, I-10 and headed for Mobile, AL on the Gulf coast.  We got to our friend’s house Mike and Melissa Andreason in Daphne, AL, near Mobile.  Melissa is out of town with the kids, so we visit with Mike and his mother.  Mike has quite a zoo at his place: several birds, including a cockatoo, an Amazon parrot and several cockatiels and a parakeet.  He also has a rabbit and three dogs, one belonging to his mother.  With so many animals, my allergies flared up and we couldn’t stay more than overnight.  

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