03 Jan 2006 Tuesday

The sun is finally shining and we got our bikes out for a ride. We rode a few miles into the city of Grayton Beach to run a few errands, at a hardware store and a bike shop.  Our total ride was maybe ten miles.  We got back, packed up and stopped at the beach for lunch.  We found out our next stop- Ft Pickens State Park- is closed for camping due to hurricane damage.  Some areas were open for day use only, might be closed for the next couple of years for camping.  Ok, plan “B”.  We head a bit north to Blackwater River State Park and Blackwater River State Forest.  Here we plan to  boondock for the first time on our trip.  The road leading into Blackwater Creek State Park and State Forest (entrance right next door) was flooded as it crossed the Blackwater Creek.  The water level was at the bottom of the bridge.  We saw some locals going through it and saw we were able to judge how deep the water was.  We went through and into the State Forest to find our spot.  We found a nice spot overlooking the river.  On scouting the area, we found that some of the local “Bubbas” had partied here too.  An oddity we found was a hole dug, about three feet around and maybe three feet deep, lined with heavy plastic sheeting.  After thinking about what they could have used this for, one possibility came to me: They had created an earthen keg cooler, just add ice.  We collected four bags of garbage strewn all over the place and we found a stash of beer that we rescued for our good friend Colbert that we will be visiting soon.  We had a wonderful evening listening to the river run.

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