02 Jan 2006 Monday

We slept well, our first night of camping.  The camper fan worked well to keep us cool, but I wish we could lose the gnats.  Andrew decided on the start of the New Year to shave off his goatee!  I liked his “beardel” (as his grandmother Evelyn calls it) better than the “sleek cheeks” look.  It was overcast and misty all day.  We did a little hiking around the Peninsula, along boardwalks overlooking salt marshes, but couldn’t see much with the fog.  We head west along the coast to Grayton Beach, I hope we have better weather there.

We were driving west toward Grayton Beach and noticed the clouds ahead were looking really dark and nasty.  We caught a local radio station that announced a tornado warning for the area we were heading for, Mexico Beach, FL.  The sky was much lighter behind us so we turned around and found a spot under an overpass and listened to the radio for updates.  The front finally moved on and we continued on our way.

The approach to Grayton Beach is lined with quaint little communities with a “Seaside” feeling.  Grayton Beach campground has several campers, more than we expected.  Many of their campsites were flooded.  It seems the weather system that gave us a couple days of fog left this area with a couple days of rain.  We found a site and drove into the beautiful town of Seaside to watch the sunset atop “Bud and Alley’s“, a restaurant/bar famous for their rooftop lounge.  We stopped at a glass blowers shop in the square.  They had some really nice work, but not in our current budget.  We took a late night walk on the beach, about a 1/2 mile walk from our campsite.  

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