Almost there…

We are almost there. Teresa has finished up all of the important interior projects. We are having the floors redone the week of Aug 29th. I think we both finally feel comfortable setting a date for putting the house on the market: September 7th at the latest! It’s a bit later than I hoped, but hopefully not too late to attract some buyers before we get into Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Unfortunately, on the equipment side of things, we’ve been having some problems with our Jason Truck Cap.

Namely: (1) the carpet is detaching from the fiberglass shell, (2) shell frame bows out preventing a good seal when back window is closed, (3) worst of all, the cab facing window is leaking when underway. Our dealer will be sending the cap back to Jason for repairs. We’ve had this less than a year. I probably should have bought an ARE… oh well.

Now my work starts in earnest on the blogging website. Teresa designed a layout a little while back, and I’ll be playing with mojoPortal to see if I can build something that resembles her layout. Hopefully, I can build something fancy on mojoPortal that will allow it to display maps, etc… hopefully my next entry will be in mojoPortal!

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