For Sale

Let’s start off with the big news. Our house is for sale!

Our home should hit the multiple listings Monday, September 19th with pix soon to be added to our listing. It has been a very long and torturous road, mostly for Teresa. She has worked her arse off for the past 3-4 months since she quit her job. She has painted, mowed and managed our contract painters and floor refinishers. She has freecycled tons of stuff (keeping it out of landfills) while craigslisting anything of significant value. She has and reorganized and decorated the entire house. She has done such an outstanding job, that our realtor did not have a single thing left for her to do! I love my wife. Way to go Teresa!

We didn’t get to this point without some heartache though. Our floor refinishing project turned into quite the debacle. We have a pretty unique floors in our home; they are made of 8×1 soft pine planks with a dark stain and some pretty hefty nails show through. Being soft pine, they dent quite readily. They kind have that old saloon look. So while these sub-contractors were sanding, Teresa and I were amazed to see tons of sparks flying from the sander when the sander hit these nails. Turns out, they were supposed to have sunk the nails prior to sanding, and by sanding over the nails, they destroyed their sander and our floors. We didn’t realize they had destroyed our floors until they put stain down. Dark streaks were evident where the big sander had been used on half of our floor. The contractor did come by and make things right. The “subs” had to re-sand an entire section of our floor. Due to vacation plans, this ended up extending the project out to two weeks. During all of this, we are living in our fourth bedroom downstairs, and our dog is being boarded. It was not a pleasant experience. To make matters worse, we came to discover a few days later, that the sub-contractors had used our freshly painted handrail on our front porch as a notepad. Anyhow, in the end, our contractor ended up doing everything he could to make things right, but he needs to keep a better eye on his subs!

Teresa has picked up our repaired Jason truck cap today. Hopefully, that will be the LAST time we need to have that thing repaired.

On a sad note, Teresa mother recently passed away. She was really the last of Teresa’s parent’s generation to pass away. It has been pretty tough on Teresa and the family. Teresa has agreed to take on the role of “archiver” and has started scanning tons and tons of old photographs. I’ve added Gallery 2.0 to here to provide a public place to store the pix.

Our next step is to take Simon down to Florida to stay with the cousin doggies. We will dearly miss him. He’s been a “good” doggie recently… I sometimes wonder if he knows what is coming. He will be treated well in Florida though.

Finally, we just wait for a buyer. I’ll then give my official notice after the inspection.

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