28 Oct 2006 Saturday

Once again, we went into Salida for some entertainment.  This time, it was an annual variety show held at the Steam Plant to benefit the Steam Plant and it’s operations.  The talent was basic small town, with a few really talented folks.  The Emcees (a couple of blonde Pumpkinheads named “Em” and “Cee” Stick out tongue) were quite entertaining and the performances ranged from a girl signing opera (she was quite good) and a couple of talented piano performances to the local sheriff and his deputies forming a band of questionable merit.  One of the commissioners even read a poem regarding the big city government back east being concerned about the current status of the many “Cattle Guards” out west, what were these Cattle Guards being paid and what cattle have to be guarded against anyway?!  The lighting and sound “engineers” were apparently last minute stand-ins, because the lighting and sound for the night required an exorcism!  Either the guys didn’t know what they were doing or the equipment had some serious poltergeist problems.  

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