Podcast 7 – The Driveway

That’s right.  A new podcast from your favorite T&A.  A couple of folks have asked us what our land looks like.  Well here’s your chance to find out.  T&A’s Big Adventure continues in Spruce Basin, Cotopaxi, Colorado where we are in the process of developing our land… or at least trying.  We have run into a patch of clay in our driveway, forcing us to wait until the ground dries out.  Come walk our new partially completed driveway with us.  See our former blog entry for more details on our current status and whereabouts.

Thanks so much to Larry “Coyote” Smith for allowing us to use his music in this video.  If you like the Native American flute music, please visit his website here for more!

2006-10-25 Spruce Basin Driveway

More podcasts are coming.  We hope to finish up some videos from our travels.

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