22 Oct 2006 Sunday

We finally got to spend a day in Salida yesterday.  We’ve gone severaltimes since we’ve been here, but it’s been to pick up something and run back tothe trailer.  Yesterday we went into town for a presentation on "WhatEveryone Should Know About Conservation Easements" sponsored by the LandTrust of the Upper Arkansas.  We were glad to see so many peopleinterested in conservation easements, preserving Colorado’s wildlife corridorsand viewscapes.  After the presentation, we wandered around town, talkingto anyone who would talk to us.  Everyone we met did!  Salida has someof the nicest people!  

We stopped at a beer store to check out what microbrews they carried. We talked to that guy for possibly thirty minutes (we can talk a long time aboutbeer!).  We went by the Salida SteamPlant, a restored historic building that houses the local performing artsgroup and has a small museum space showing local art.  They’ve had a hostof international talent that the group Rootsof the Rockies music association has brought into the small town forculture.  We had plans to see a show next door at BongoBilly’s, kind of a coffee shop and restaurant that turns into a club after8pm, but we made plans to come back and see some of the shows theyoffer.  

We stopped in one of the art shops called the BungledJungle.  It has some fun, funky creatures that are just too hard todescribe.  You’ll have to check out the website or see it for yourself nexttime you’re in Salida! Wink

After dinner at Amicas Pizza,a local brewpub that has some great beer and really good food, we wandered overto Bongo Billy’s to hear Bruce Hayes.  He’s a local guy, but reallytalented.  He gathered quite the crowd by the end of the night.  Heended the night with a funny song about beer.  

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