17 Oct 2006 Tuesday

Andrew and I have moved the trailer down to an RV park on the river. Our property will not be ready for us and we are not ready for what could be a very nasty winter here. At the RV park, we have water and electrical hookups and INTERNET ACCESS!! Even the cell phones work here. And if we need a driveway plowed for snow, they will do it.

The weather just turned really nasty here. We had an early snow and then a few weeks of “Indian Summer”, warmer weather. The weather turned today to cold, rain & snow, just plain nasty. We’re glad we’re not up on the mountain exposed to even more wind up there.

Well, we’re enjoying having internet access and indoor plumbing again, even though we’ve sacrificed our privacy and views. Now we have views OF the mountains, not FROM the mountains. We went up to the property again to put some things into a storage unit and Spruce Basin still had quite a bit of snow on the ground. We made the right decision to come down here for the winter. We actually have contact with the outside world!

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