24 Aug 2006 Thursday

The sun is shining this morning and Lene has a great breakfast for us withfresh fruit, egg dish and scones, and of course, coffee and tea.  Wechatted with Lene for for quite a while and showed her a few things on thecomputer.  We had to go out and talk with her white German Shepard,Misty.  We had to hit the road, but first, we got supplies at “TheReal Canadian Superstore“.  This looks a lot like a Wal-Mart,but Whitehorse has a Wal-Mart on the other side of town.  The Real CanadianSuperstore was the first real grocery store we’d seen in weeks!  It wastough not to buy everything!  We stocked up on several canned goods to getus thru the next few small towns, but we also got some fresh fruit and a nicefresh trout fillet for dinner tonight.  We stuffed all the food into thetruck and headed out of Whitehorse.  

We drove thru more beautiful Canadian scenery and stopped for dinner at acampground.  Canada has government run campgrounds that typically have acovered picnic shelter.  We’ve used the picnic shelter a few times fordinner out of the rain.  It wasn’t raining when we stopped for dinnertonight, but it was by the time we left.  Yes, more rain (heavysigh).  

We drove for a few more hours and went to find a campsite.  We drove upthe access road to a microwave tower and found a great campsite where someonehad left some bones.  We pulled in and saw the backbone of a large animal, probablya moose.  We didn’t want to camp with bear bait, so we kept going,  Wefound a pull off with a sign; “Notice: You are welcome to camp here. Be sure to remove all garbage and hunting scraps… Garbage can attract grizzlybears and make it more dangerous for others utilizing the area.”  Wehad permission to camp here.  And it’s raining again.

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