09 Aug 2006 Wednesday

We woke up this morning sometime after 7am to the announcement of KillerWhales all around the ship.  We did not jump out of bed to seethem.   We went into the cafeteria for breakfast and there was anotherannouncement for Killer Whales.  I went out with the camera and got somegreat pictures of ripples in the water.   I’d see them, but by thetime I reacted with the camera, all I got photos of was the ripples.  I wastrying to catch a photo of a Killer Whale a few hundred yards off the ship and suddenly,two surfaced next to the ship, right at my feet!  

We don’t have any port calls today, so we’re on the boat all day long.  Andrewand I walked a few laps around the deck to get some exercise.  I didn’tsleep well last night, I’m not used to the rolling of the boat and we had somerough water last night.  I got a nice nap in before lunch.  

We saw more whales surface and blow throughout the day.  We went thrusome very shallow, narrow channels and saw some very remote small towns andvillages.  One in particular was the native village of Klemtuin British Columbia. These towns are so remote that the ferry passing by brings people out on theporches to wave and honk car horns.   A few people yelled back at theship.  One yelled "Take me with you!"    I foundout later that the town of Klemtu is on a channel so narrow and shallow thateven the ferry can go thru only in good weather!

We saw a few bald eagles nesting in the trees.  Andrew and I went insideto hear another ranger talk and a bald eagle flew right in front of the boat ,guiding it for a minute.  Beautiful birds!

We went to our cabin to enjoy a glass of wine after dinner.  They arevery serious about alcohol in public.  They have a bar, but you’re notallowed to drink outside of the bar, other than your cabin.  They have itworded, "Alcohol will be confiscated.  It will be returned as you areescorted off at the next port… whether it is your final destination ornot."  Yikes!

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