07 Aug 2006 Monday

Today is Jeannie’s birthday, so we all went into Seattle for the day. Andrew and I had to drop off Big Red to receive some parts that werebackordered.  We dropped off the truck and walked down the street to aVietnamese place for Pho.  We picked up the truck after lunch and headedinto town.  We drove down to AlkiBeach, parked and walked back up the beach.  We stopped at an Irishpub, the Celtic Swell, and had a beer.  Later, we went out to I Love Sushifor dinner.  We haven’t had sushi in so long, and we both love it! When we got back to the house, Jeannie put on a DVD about BurningMan, a huge art festival-party that happens in the Black Rock desert inNevada.  Jeannie’s going this year, meeting up with our friend Chris. We wanted to go, but Alaska’s call is much stronger.  We’ll go to BurningMan next year.

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