05 Aug 2006 Saturday

Steve’s big day and we all went to the dock to bid him Bon Voyage.  Nomadness is a trimaran, a three hulled sailboat 36 ft long and 24 ft wide with sleeping quarters and kitchen (galley) in the center hull.  Steve is being joined on his first night out by his friend Dave.  Dave paddled Me and Andrew out in the Dingy (the Nomadling) to see the Nomadness moored off shore.  We check it out and Andrew fell in love with the shower feature.  If he could get a hot shower in Big Red, the truck would be perfect.  The outdoor solar shower will have to suffice for now.  We watched as Steve and Dave motored off to sea.

Jeannie, Andrew and I all went to lunch at Jimmy J’s Italian Restaurant.  Good food and we hung around and chatted for quite a while.

When we got back to the house, Ned asked Andrew if he wanted to work on the truck cap and they took Big Red out to the lab (on the property, down the road 750 feet or so).  Andrew hasn’t been happy with it; The seal is not great, causing it to leak in the driving rain and the back of the cap is splayed out, leaving small gaps at the door openings.  I’m a little concerned because it the repair gets too involved, lasting more than a few hours, we have no place to sleep (Ok, I’m sure we could really sleep on the floor of the house, but that’s not the point).  Andrew and Ned started about 6pm and when I checked on them an hour later, Andrew said it would only be another hour  I know an hour is really at least two.  At 10pm, three hours later, they are “almost done”.  Uh huh, yeah, sure.  Sometime after 11pm, Andrew finally pulled the truck back into our usual parking spot.  We’ll see how well the fix works over the next leg of our journey.  

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