16 July 2006 Sunday

The flies are back this morning, so we decided to head up to a picnic area for breakfast.  

We went into Sequoia National Park and hiked out to see the General Sherman Tree, the largest tree in the world.  It’s not the tallest (Coastal Redwoods), it’s not the widest (somewhere in Mexico), but it’s the largest by volume.  We took a hike thru the Grove of Giants on the Congress Trail, where we saw trees named McKinley, The President, and a grove called The House.  All giant sequoias, of course.  These trees are enormous!  We walked thru trees and saw trees you could drive a car thru.  

After our hike we headed out of the park and moved on towards Napa Valley.  We called several hotel, because it’s terribly hot and camping is not fun in this kind of heat.  One outdoor thermometer read 104 degrees! But the hotels in Napa Valley were in the $300.00 range, although we did finally find one for $80.00, we still opted for a campsite.  Late in the day, the temperature dropped into the 60’s.  

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