28 June 2006 Wednesday

We got out this morning to meet up with Jay and Claudia from across the street for a hike.  They are camping about an hour from here, so we headed up to meet them for a hike to Missouri Lakes.  The trail starts at 10,000 ft and goes up to 11,500 or so.  The trail followed a beautiful creek forming some spectacular waterfalls.  As we neared the top, we went thru some lingering snow patches.  When we got to the lakes, the sky was getting dark and it looked like rain.  Instead of rain, we got something of a cross between hail and snow!  We ducked under a tree and waited to see if the clouds would move on, but it looked like it was here to stay for a while.  We headed back and we took Jay and Claudia back to their campsite.  Since it’s still raining, we may see them back at the house tonight.  

Andrew and I took off and stopped along the drive back to photograph a cool bridge over the Eagle River and an old mining ghost town.  After dinner, Jay and Claudia came over and we talked about houses and alternative construction methods over a glass of wine (or two).  

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