14 April 2006 Friday

A beautiful morning, no quaking or shaking last night.  It is supposed to rain today and it looks like some clouds are moving in.  All of the dirt roads here are impassible in wet weather and we are about 5 miles down a dirt road… and there  was a “Closed Road” sign when we left the pavement.  We thought it would be best if we got out of here before it rains. Surprise [:O]  

We drove over to Death Valley National Park.  On the way we saw the terrain and flora change as we left the coastal valley and entered the desert.  We could tell we entered the Mojave when we saw hundreds of Joshua Trees. As we went over one mountain range into a desert floor below, we drove thru a huge dust cloud kicked up by the wind.  The desert usually gets gets gale force winds during the spring and 60 mph gusting is typical.  We stopped at the park office to get maps and current info (several roads are closed).  We headed out to some BLM land just outside the park in Nevada for the night.

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