31 March 2006 Friday

We drove to Joshua Tree National Park.  Along the way we stopped at a TA (Travel America) for a shower and one load of laundry.  Both the shower and the laundry cost more than we usually spend.  Next time we’ll find a no-name truck stop and a laundromat.  

We got into California and Joshua Tree NP about an hour before sunset.  We took a short hike near the Visitor’s Center to an oasis and an old gold mining camp.  We went back to the edge of the park where we found lots of BLM land with free camping spots.  Although it was near the interstate, it wasn’t too loud.  Because it was near the interstate, we had a cell signal and used our Broadband PC Access card to upload a bunch of photos and blog entries.  We felt like we were getting behind because we haven’t had cell service.  Andrew worked on videos while I was driving and I uploaded photos from the campsite.  

Sometime after dinner, we heard a noise outside the truck and found something had stolen out trash bag.  We found it nearby and picked up all our trash and kept it inside the truck after that.  Probably a coyote or a fox.  Dog [&]

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