13 March 2006 Monday

We went into Guadalupe Visitor Center and yesterday’s wind at Guad. pass was 35-80mph.  They were suggesting people not hike to the peak that day.  The wind was still pretty strong today, but was expected to ease up tomorrow.  So we decided on a canyon hike called the Devil’s Hall.  It had several cool formations, including a natural formation called the “Hiker’s Staircase”  It was a 4.2 mile hike round trip.  

We stopped by Frijole Ranch, a historic set of buildings that used to be a single family home, a ranch and a community center including a post office, a school house and a location for dances and other rural activities.  We talked to the volunteer working there, Maureen Bigelow, and she and her husband are heading to Natural Bridges National Mon. and we might see them there in April.

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